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Cannot complete master writs

I currently am holding 2 master writ quests,


I have crafted the items, several times, both using Lazy Writ Crafter, and by hand, and I can not complete these quests,


Am I missing something? Is there some way to un-break these? This is over 100 writ vouchers I am pointlessly locked out of.

Thank you!
  • helediron
    They should be legendary. Yours are epic.
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  • victoriana-blue
    ^What helediron said. Do you have the gold mats in your bags? Dubolgon's can't finish upgrading your gear for the writs if you don't have the mats; it doesn't throw an error message when this happens, it just doesn't complete (which is useful if you back out of the auto-craft mid-upgrade by accident >>).
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  • Ashtaris
    helediron wrote: »
    They should be legendary. Yours are epic.

    Yep, what he said. Legendary are gold level items, not purple.

  • ezeepeezee
    Wow. I feel silly. Thanks everyone.
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