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'I Might Be Your Daddy'

Soul Shriven
The Mission: To create a relaxed community for Gaming Dads, and other chill guys to drink a couple beers and play in at the end of the day. Im aiming for a PvE guild, but PvP players and Solo content players are also welcome. Noobies are also welcome, since I only half know what im doing. Lol.

This will be a due free guild, my only requirement is to be relaxed and be active. Although I understand real life comes first. This is a brand new guild with currently only a couple members besides myself, but I would love to see the guild grow and become a great gaming community.

I get on around midnight Est. time, sometimes in the morning. If youre interested shoot me a message on Xbox or comment below. I'll send you and invite when im online.

Gamertag- YoureAMistake96
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