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Need help from crafter


I'm new to the game or at least on PC. I'm looking for someone that can help me start out the game by just crafting me a purple set of training gear in its lowest level. Ideally the heavy,light,medium so all can level. I plan to try and just power level, I can't offer anything right now but I can pay someone back in the future once I get going in the game.
  • Nestor
    Levels 1 to 20 rocket past. You really only need Blue or even Green as it will be literally a couple of hours and you will out level it.
    Enjoy the game, life is what you really want to be worried about.

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  • davey1107
    I'm on PS4, so I can't craft for you, but I'll help w some gear advice based on having leveled many characters to vet.

    Armor levels

    You need to keep armor that's near your level. Because of One Tamriel mechanics (long story) if you keep armor too long it'll get really, really weak. Therefore, when leveling I change out every six levels. When I level a toon, I make armor sets at level: 10, 16, 22, 28, 36, 42, 46.


    Training will level you faster, so you're right to pick that on all pieces if you're looking to level fast.


    Generally magic toons wear light/heavy and stam wears medium/heavy, but you can level all three. For gear up to level 28 do 3 heavy, 3 medium for stam or 3 light for magic character, then 1 of light/med. After level 28 start bringing in more of your primary fighting resource your upper 30s and 40s you want five pieces of medium or light at all times owing to perks on them.


    Purple gear is a waste on a low level toon. The incremental boosts are too small to warrant the cost. When I level...and my account is rich so I could go all gold if I wanted...I do green up through the 30s then make blue gear in my 40s. I don't use purple until vet.

    If you're wanting to power level, you get WAY more mileage out of maximizing sets.


    Sets are very powerful in ESO. If you're looking to level efficiently, you might ask your crafter to make you a set called willows path, which is all about resource regen.

    Regardless, check out some basic guides on sets. Your character has 11 or 12 slots. Wearing the maximum number of sets is about 40x more powerful than the gear quality. You can't max as a low level toon because of jewelry, but to get started consider mixing and matching these sets, any two for your character: stam toons, willows path, night Silence, night mother Hundings rage; magic toons, willows path, Julianos, Seducer, Magnus.


    If you're going to use all these levels and sets and whatever, you might want to make your character a crafter so you can make your own gear, at least up to being able to make 6 trait sets. It'll pay off down the road. Check out sunshine Daydream or ESO academy guides on how to conduct trait research and craft sets.

    If you do decide to make your own gear, you'll need to start with easier to make crafted sets. For a stam character look to Night Silence, and Seducer for magic. These only require a few traits per piece, and you can be up and running to craft your own in less than a week.
  • dan958

    If you are PC EUR, add me @dan958 and send me a message with what you need. I'm logging off now, but will do it tomorrow night when I get home from work.
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  • SydneyGrey
    If you go to the starter islands (Khenarthis Roost, Bleakrock and Stros M'kai) you can buy weapons and armor with the "training" trait. You can also farm them by doing quests on the islands.
  • Draeconix
    I actually have a blue set of level one armor that I made a while back. It is all medium but I could make the light and heavy pieces as well. Send me a message if you are still interested. Same name as the forum.
  • Jonno
    Theres no need to change gear evey 6 levels when i level a toon i make level 4 10 20 30 40 all purple training 2 heavy 3 (light for mag med for stam) and 2 of the other all set peices help and always swap out to higher level jewels as you pick them up when you are done with the gear just store it on an alt toon (quickly make one if you dont have) you will most likely use it again for another toon
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