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Guild recruiting

Soul Shriven
Hello, I am a DK Tank. Currently I am running green pact, fassalas gile and ember shield. I'm at 188cp. The only thing is, I have a family and I work 12 hour shifts so there are a lot of times I can't play and most the time I can only play about 11pm est. Would that work?
  • jackiemeeking
    Hello! Old Farts and Fogies (OFF) is looking to add some new members into our ESO ranks.

    OFF was formed as a World of Tanks (WOT) clan for 40+ year olds, but some of us have branched into other games in addition to Tanking. Our ESO group play consistently and are looking to get more members for daily dungeons runs.

    Player levels range anywhere from 45 to 300+ for our dungeon groups, but all are welcome!

    We plan for Friday/Saturday nights to be PvP nights. Currently, we run low level (15) Ebonheart toons that are built specifically for Cyrodiill so we can stay in the low level campaign as long as possible.

    If you are around our age group (40+) and like to tell kids to “Get off my yard”, the OFF ESO Guild might just be the place for you. If you fit the bill, just give me a shout and we can get friend requests headed your way.

    We do use Discord for communication during the day, it isn’t mandatory but encouraged
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