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Racial skill level lower than character level?

So I thought that racial skill level & character level progressed at the same rate, but for some reason on my new Sorc, my racial skill level is 8 & my character level is 10. Anyone know what the deal is? Was I mistaken previously? Would it have something to do w/ the fact that I subscribed yesterday & the class lvl somehow doesn't get the bonus xp? IDK what the deal is, never noticed any of my previous characters having different racial skill lvls vs. their character levels.

Best Answer

  • Seroster
    Minor edit since I couldn't figure out how to do a real edit, I meant to say "racial level" instead of "Character level" when asking whether the sub bonus XP somehow didn't transfer to racial level.
  • wendal
    This shouldn't be the case, I can only presume it's a bug. I've always been subbed so can't confirm if it's because of the eso+ bonus but would guess it's unintentional. Try a bug report, in the meantime maybe someone else can shed more light on the situation :)
  • Enodoc
    Maybe when they overhauled the character XP progression in the last patch, they didn't change the racial skill XP to match. Maybe @MSchroeder would know.
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  • Yung_deezy818
    Same problem with my new character too. I'm level 17 high elf skill is levek 14
  • Luis_Razuc
    As @Enodoc mentioned, it is like that because they changed the amount of XP needed per level to make it so you level quicker at the start, and slow down near the end. Overall the time it takes to hit 50 IS NOT the same like they said it would be, It is now slower over all. When my character level was ~45, if I remember correctly, my racial level had already reached 50
  • Qbiken
    I´ve noticed this as well while I´ve been leveling my warden. I´m at lvl 18 at the moment, but my racial level is 15.
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