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Why is PTS down for so long

Soul Shriven
Why is PTS down until June 16, regardless though I've waited until Friday, and it is still down like if you say it will come back up on Friday, June 16, fulfill your promise you do this everytime with almost every maintenance on PTS
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  • 56k23ib16_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    Demo server during E3, the last day of which is June 15th.
  • jovanv123
    Soul Shriven
    Still though I am pretty sure that today is 6/16/2017 and that today we should be able to play PTS.

  • lordrichter
    It will be June 16 for several more hours, too. ZOS never said what time, and what time zone, it would be back online. And... because it is PTS, a non-critical server, they might wait until next week.
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  • BlackSparrow
    "Unavailable until June 16," means it's due to come up at some point on June 16. It could be 11:59 p.m. tonight, Pacific time, and that would still technically be June 16.

    More to the point, maintenance can be an unpredictable bugbear sometimes, especially on the PTS. Just log onto the live server for a while. Have some patience. Maintenance down-time is a necessary evil, but it's still necessary.
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  • jovanv123
    Soul Shriven
    I can wait a several more hours, though regardless if the server is critical or not they can't say June 16 and delay for another week unless something important broke out. People buy this game and expect to be actually treated nice by ZOS
  • jovanv123
    Soul Shriven
    I've gotten a bit bored on live and don't have much time for leveling new toons, regardless if it is another day I can wait
  • Sigtric
    Your first post was just after 5am ZOS time. They have all day to fulfill your demands. Calm down.
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