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Fix your BG que, FIx your BG que FIX YOUR BG QUE

Just did 2 matches, whats the point of entering solo when I get a team with 3 ppl and the other 2 teams have 4? Whats the point of entering a BG when 2 teams have 2 ppl and the other team has 4? FIX...YOUR>>>BG >>>>>QUE ZOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We'd be happy to wait longer if ya JUST MAKE IF FREAKIN EVEN!!!!
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  • Balsagna
    I just got booted from the queue for dashboarding from an "unusually long load screen". 18 minute penalty.

    I'm playing 2K basketball now.
  • Derra
    I got desynct in spawn - i could move but my char was stuck in spawn for all other players.

    Deserter penalty.

    Then invite in loadingscreen - no port.

    Deserter penalty.
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  • Paraflex
    It's been an issue for awhile and unfortunately it's driving people away from BGs.
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  • Tillalarrien
    Its a Shame.
    Gaining new playerbase with Morrowind here and summer approaching and with release of BGs a new chance to establish better reputation of games PvP.

    But then the grouping tool is broken for multiple weeks without much improvement.

    Qued - ready? (Yes) - 3,2,1 - "Someone declined" - Qued again.. x50times

    Its a bloody pattern it shouldnt be hard to figure out where the thing goes wrong, should it? Specially since it should be a priority given that was major selling point of Morrowind for PvP players?
    Cause at that point im just advising ppl not to buy it for BGs till its fixed. I dont even get to the content i payed 40€ for, when trying to q with a friend or 2.


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  • HoloYoitsu
    I'm sure the devs tried their best to fix it, but someone in their office declined the invite so they had to put it back at the front of the to do queue.
    Cyrodiil (the PvP map) is open-world and supports up to 2000 players in it at the same time. ESO’s client is designed to be able to handle (on the recommended spec) 200 players on screen at the same time.
  • Sigtric
    que paso
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  • RedGirl41
    This que is so broken. Can't play with friends, nobody can enter match but then matches are 2v2v4. All it is is proc sets. Either take out the proc sets or change the proc chance of them. You are killing your own game. Actually listen to what ur players want. For PS4 NA, vivec is so freaking laggy because a LARGE amount of people want their cp. this makes cyrodiil unplayable so we try battle grounds which you can't even que with friends and ALL IT IS IS PROC SETS. Kids hit one button and destroy you. Use your brain and focus on the pvp problems for 5 minutes and we will shut up.
  • Morgul667
    Yeah this queue thing is annoying
  • SwaminoNowlino
    Console won't even have the patch that *may* fix it until Mid-July. Patch certification takes no more than a week. They are so unconcerned about this that they don't even deem it worthy of emergency maintenance. Nope, just stick it in the scheduled incremental so they don't have to pay for an extra round of certification. This company is ****.
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  • Dreyloch
    For the record I know it's queue lol. I was just so enraged when I posted originally, I just wanted to get it off my chest. Ya all know what I was saying =P
    "The fear of Death, is often worse than death itself"
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