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1 ESO account and 1 Morrowind account, it is possible?

Hello ZOS, I have a Canadian console and a Canadian account and I am currently in the USA for several months. I do not own a credit card, so I have to buy PS4 gift card to buy Morrowind. The USA PS4 gift card can not be used on my Canadian account, so I created a USA account. The question: can I buy UPGRADE morrowind on my US account and play on my Canadian account where my ESO game is located. I contacted the customer service department of PS4 and they told me that the answer is in the hands of the manufacturer.
  • aishsha
    No, you can't. They made it account-locked. For that reason, I cannot play Morrowind at all.
    Edited by aishsha on June 13, 2017 11:52PM
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