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[Recruiting - PC EU - PvE] Scarecrow

About us:
A raid group currently reforming to gain more active members. We focus on helping each other out, raiding and doing dungeon runs - from vCoS/vRoM farming to clearing content such as vMoL like in the ol' days.
The guild was once an active guild, where vMoL was a walk in the park, but since old leaders went MIA, I've taken up the reigns to begin anew. We're laid back and willing to help.

PC EU server
CP 300. Not a level racist, but prefer to have base 300 for some experience.
Positive attitude

Planned Events
You don't have to be in a Core Group to join Trials! There will be sign ups on the forums, and feel free to LFM in guild chat to make vTrials!

Feel free to make an account and go to recruitments page.

If you would like to join reply here with your in-game @name and I or an officer will invite asap. Once you're in feel free to edit your own member note to add your roles and even completed vTrials or other PvE achievements.
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