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So is dueling offically dead?

  • Waffennacht
    dpencil wrote: »
    On PC/NA, Wayrest, by the Undaunted Enclave is the most consistent dueling spot.

    Nice, a new place to check out. I love my non Meta builds and wanna show everyone :)
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  • Baconlad
    Yeah hammerdeath arena. They need to incentivize hammerdeath somehow. Maybe implement a dueling token you get through winning and selling housing stuffs? Some *** i dont know. I love dueling when cyro sucks....HERES TO BG HYPE!!!
  • Integral1900
    God I hope so, I wouldn't mind if they behaved themselves but when some nasty, spite full little troll is duelling in banks, crafting zones and right on top of the bloody wayshrine then quite frankly they are scum and this game doesn't need them!
  • MakoFore
    they need to give incentives for duelling- it could be a really good element of the game. provided they add caveats so people dont exploit and lose on purpose to their firends- you could have regional leaderboards, class leaderboards , win streaks, etc- for example in each area you could have a duelling pit- and being the dominant dueller in that pit each week could be rewarded, etc. but we need to have a way it isn't exploited.

    alot of players like myself simply dont enjoy it because of the strength of sets and cost poisons- when i lose i want it to be because of skill not because a 3 things proc at once and i melt suddenly - or because a class can hold block and heal to full with one press of a button while i need to weave like 20 attacks just to stay in it. the game isn't well balanced enough for duelling atm- but with some tweaks - it could be awesome. i mean people were begging for it for years- then when we got it- noone wants to play it cos the sets are stronger than the skills atm. instead we have people running around doing lame festival event quests for motifs- which is fun- sure- but in terms of skilled and involving gameplay - it shouldn't be close. but people are motivated to do those quests because there are rewards. give duelling a reward system- a leaderboard system, access to costumes and events- and we l see a LOT of activity .
    for example. give each area a king of the hill costume. when you enter that area- only then can it be worn. only one can hold the costume at a time- like emp- but to keep it- you have to keep winning duels- and u can't beat the same person over and over. you also can't reject say 5 duels in a row- you have to keep besting all comers- if you dont want to hold it anymore- you relinquish- but if you do hold it-say for a day, a week- you get a reward.

    i think people may try to rig it- and set it up so only guild members can hold it- but if they can't knock back certain fights- or can't fight fellow friends or guildies- it might be tweaked so they can't exploit it. but I'm sure people will find as way. in terms f player behavior- players like trophies , titles and ahicements- things they can accumulate and have a sense of progression and growth. the key i think is giving a reward system that feeds that- and people will play it- despite the inherent flaws of the actual gameplay. the trickier part- as i said- is working out a way to avoid exploitation. but then again- cyrdodil was a mess during 2AP week- so maybe it dsoent matter.
  • IcyDeadPeople
    Prabooo wrote: »
    Grahtwood: Around Elden Root Wayshrine and Undaunted camp, PC/NA
    dpencil wrote: »
    On PC/NA, Wayrest, by the Undaunted Enclave is the most consistent dueling spot.

    This kind of spot is a little tricky for me because I have a couple characters with high bounty. A few times when I was in a duel near a city, one of the guards jumped in for 2 v 1.
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