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Extremely Casual Player Looking for Laid Back Guild


I'm looking for a laid back guild that doesn't mind having members who are extremely casual players. I have limited amounts of time to play each day and like to just enjoy it versus getting stressed. I mostly play solo and have not added any friends in the game. However, I've decided that joining a guild would be a good idea so that I can meet others players and hopefully make the game even more fun.

I'm hoping to find a guild that doesn't kick players who are unable to join any type of scheduled events like dungeon runs.. A guild who likes to use voice chat would be nice also as I hate using the chat box when I'm playing.

I appreciate any interest that may be shown.

Thank you.

Update: No longer searching for a guild. Thanks!

Edited by walkout on June 5, 2017 7:09PM
  • monkey36948
    Hey I am the guild master of a normal trials guild with 46 members I you would like to come we don't have any obligation to run with us but when we hit 75 I am adding a 14 day 2 week inactive policy if this interest you say something here or mail me at @monkey36948
  • Lagerfueled
    Sounds like Remnants of Hope might be a good fit for you. Please take a look at the post below for a basic write-up of the guild as well as a link to our website!
    Member of Remnants of Hope Online Gaming Community. Looking for a great guild? Look us up!
  • walkout
    Appreciate the offers! I actually got accepted to a guild not long after posting this. Would delete his thread if I knew how to.

    Thanks again!
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