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Stam Builds...where & how to pool more Magicka?

Hello Fellow ESO Travelers again....

I'm still relatively new to all this so pardon the question if it's a bit newbish....My main is a Breton Sorc using all staffs and I don't have a problem with magicka resources. However I'm bringing up two Stam Base characters, both in their 20's, a Khajiit NB and Drunmer DK who for the life-of-me cannot figure where and how to pool more magicka. In theory, this is somewhat basic understanding called....Supply & Demand.

With both characters I'm using a Dual Weld & Bow and yes both weapon skills use Stamina but no matter the class skills which take up at least of your bars, you need a ample pool of Magicka. I look at builds for ideas and no matter what, I see "put skills points into stamina" and then see all the armor with stamina enchantment with the jewelry enchanted with weapon damage, penetration, elemental, etc...I never see anything with Magicka enchantment or regen let alone health which for the most part comes from armor and active skills in the skill tree. But just where and how stam users get a pool of magicka has left me puzzeled.

thanks for helping with I assume is a basic question....

Kenny J - PS4
  • Glamdring
    Use shaklebreaker set and stamina/magicka regen drink
  • Glamdring
    Most skills can also be morphed into a stamina skill
  • Violynne
    BuzzZaw60 wrote: »
    Hello Fellow ESO Travelers again....
    With both characters I'm using a Dual Weld & Bow and yes both weapon skills use Stamina but no matter the class skills which take up at least of your bars, you need a ample pool of Magicka.
    There are skills and there are "skills", and when playing a stam build, knowing how to use them makes a difference.

    DW and Bow are melee weapons, which means you shouldn't be playing much magicka at all. This is where the "class" skill breaks the game.

    For NBs and DKs, only a few spells can be converted to stamina. All the good ones are left to magicka, leaving one perplexed as to how to "manage" magicka with these builds.

    The blunt answer: you don't.

    Simply put, focusing on a stamina build means focusing on DPS. You have to. The game's poor design means stam builds trade off their damage gains for sustain, which means you'll be dying. Often. Painfully.

    Stam builds are great for raiding, because there's generally a healer in the team which can offset the stam's lack of sustain for one given by another player.

    In PvE, stam builds face tougher challenges, especially when trying to do public dungeons or dolmens solo, which mag based characters can do with great ease.

    One of these days, ZoS may finally get around to re-constructing the spell pool and dedicate more to either morphing to stamina or re-aligning those magicka based to DKs or NBs, but don't hold your breath this will happen anytime soon.

    The devs are too busy playing as magSorcs to give a care to the other classes they've added to the game.
  • JiKama
    If you're looking for more max Magicka eat some Max Tri stat food or a tri stat drink for regen. If it tickles your fancy you could use the magicka regen mundus stone.
  • Magdalina
    You basically don't want to be using your magicka at all except possibly for some utility(mainly when soloing or tanking if you do that). Skip to the skills used on the builds you're looking up - they all use stamina. You could get some magicka with certain sets and/or enchanments but since magicka skills scale with max magicka, spelldamage and spellcrit you'd be gimping yourself by doing so, for the most part. Use Vigor from Alliance War skilltree for stamina heal and make use of those of your class skills that do morph to stamina.
  • Danksta
    You're going to want to limit your damaging skills to ones that have a stamina morph.

    This site has all skills and morphs with tooltips.
    BawKinTackWarDs PS4/NA

  • Trinity_Is_My_Name
    Lots of options already posted but why you would want a healthy Magicka pool on a Stam toon? But, if you do you can do as some suggested above and you can run TBS (Twice Born Star) to help as well. Simply get "The Mage" Mundus stone for one of your stones to raise max Magicka. It won't help a great amount I don't think but it will increase. You can use the 2nd Mundus slot for a Stamina ability or if you prefer another Magicka ability support such as Magicka regeneration.
  • Elsterchen
    Well, i don't know about its rating but I fare quite well with pelinal set. I have a "mainly-stam" hybrid templar and as suggested before I push weapon dmg like many stam users. Additionally I use pelinals to gain spell damage and push my magica abilities. Its not awesome, but noteable (2,3k plus in spell dmg does help: in numbers: healing done with pelinals ~8; without 4,3k ... ).
    However, I have little to no experience with sorc or DK, so I don't know wether pelinals will beat loosing an 5-piece proc/sustain set-bonus. They usually say that going hybrid is subpar, which does make sense, but beeing able to play a in very forgiving way is a comforting side-effect, imho. :smile:
  • davey1107
    I think some of the advice went down the wrong path. I don't think you're looking to make a hybrid build (cause they blow). I'm an expert at stamblades...I'll use your Khajiit as an example, but the same principles will apply to your Dunmer.

    Choosing abilities

    1. Skills that become stam: You have a lot of class skills that start magic then morph to magic or stam. A stamblade always wants to take the stam route. This is your first issue, and it's just part of leveling a're going to have to power through abilities like Veiled Strike (mag) to get to Surprise Attack (Stam). Just look at the chart of NB skills, and work through the ones that have stam morphs as you can. There are 5-6 very good skills that fall into this category. If you are leveling a lot of these to morph, you might want to temporarily use a few magic enchants. But work them up, morph them, then ditch the magic enchants.

    2. Skills that become a magic dump. Some skills morph to only magic, but some of these are still great on a stamblade (cloak, mark target, etc). These are generally buffs/debuffs that help you survive. You want to slot these sparingly, because you don't have a large magic pool and so it's a waste to put a ton on your bars. And you want to avoid magic based damage'll hit like a cute little fuzzy bunny if you use these.

    3. Skills that are nice, but not for you. Unlike magsorcs, most any other class/resource approach is locked out of a lot of their class abilities. For NBs, strife: funnel health/swallow soul is a great ability, and maybe squishy low level NBs use it for a while as a heal. But eventually you'll dump it and never use it again, because you have stronger stamina skills to use instead. Stamblades and magblades use about half the same class abilities as one another, but the other half they use totally different abilities from each other. Your stamblade simply has some very nice class skills he needs to say no thanks to.

    Managing the magic pool

    Getting more magic. As a rule, your stamblade needs to funnel everything into stam first, health second and magic third. Because they really, really need the stamina, with as little sacrifices as possible for health, there's no room for more magic via attributes or enchants. They just need to deal with what they have...tailor your bars around their magic pool, don't try to tailor the magic pool around abilities.

    That said, they can absolutely use purple tri-resource food, which is a small sacrifice to power for a decent magic boost. And for some builds they might use prismatic enchants. (A full set of gold,prismatic gear sacrifices 1700 stamina to gain 2500 health and 2200 magic). I use prismatic for my delve raid night Silence speed sneak build...he needs more cloaks. But for pvp or trials I stick to stamina for the power.
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