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Refund for Morrowind Digital Edition

Soul Shriven
I am making this post in hopes of getting in contact with someone who works for the ESO support. So, I bought the morrowind digital edition (the one with the base game). I thought I would be able to play the game immediately but after some searching I found that this is not the case. I am hoping to get a refund quickly, so that I can purchase the base game separately, then upgrade to morrowind later. I already submitted a ticket and have not received a response yet. My reference number for the ticket is 170524-002403. Thanks in advance.
  • Rainwhisper
    Will you be able to play on Monday, when it launches?
  • EvilKiwi
    That should be classed as a pre-order. You should have been able to play early access on the 22nd may.
    No Lollygagging.
  • ZOS_CoriJ
    For those of you who attempted to assist this user received his assistance about a week ago. However, OP, if you do need additional assistance on the matter don't hesitate to reply to the last ticket sent to you.
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