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600cp looking for trials guild

I have a healer with worm cult and spc and a few different dps classes
Gt: Graveward
Edited by Grave on May 16, 2017 3:39PM
    The Ebonheart Defenders is a PvE and PvP-focused guild on Xbox one and located on the NA Megaserver. We participate in large-scale, coordinated group PvP for the Ebonheart Pact, sewers runs, various pve events, and Trials (Normal and Vet) runs throughout the week. We consider ourselves a family guild, in that we play, learn, and grow together. We maintain 480+ active members.

    Our guild offers the following:

    • Coordinated, organized PvP with experienced leadership: both traditional and sewer/IC farming runs.
    • Casual/slow-paced group questing, Skyshard/Lorebook/Dolmens/Bosses collection runs, and power leveling groups as needed.
    • Experienced MMO players to run dungeons and trials with.
    • Several trials runs throughout the week, both at the normal and veteran difficulty levels.
    • Crafting assistance, build advice, tanking/healing/Dps advice and PvP/PvE tips/guidance from experienced players.
    • A fun but mature community. The core members of this guild are very friendly and outgoing. We expect our members to also share a good natured and helpful attitude toward each other. Don't bring drama here; we are here to enjoy the game.
    • We play A LOT and are always available to help when needed. We want to be one of the top guilds on Xbox and are working hard to get there.
    • Guild Tabard, Guild Store, Hired Trader (as available), and Guild Bank will all be available to you.
    • Organization and community development through use of Band (free downloadable phone app or accessible via traditional website); provides access to guild event calendar and discussions to help you get the help you need, ask and answer questions, meet your guild mates, and link up with them to tackle content.

    We have remained active from the game's launch through the most current expansion (Homestead) and regularly do content from each of the expansions. With the addition of player housing, we have an amazing guild hall for use by all our members!

    We also put together a weekly calendar of events that is posted on band and reflects the following:

    • Large-scale PvP every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Smaller PvP groups every Sunday and periodically throughout the week.
    • Trials Runs for properly geared and leveled players occur almost nightly at both the normal and veteran difficulty levels. Members wanting to join the veteran trials group will be vetted through blood spawn testing, normal trials runs, etc. to ensure players are properly geared, skilled, and compatible with the group.

    Chat organization: Guild Chat 1 for general socializing, Guild Chat 2 for Normal Trials, and Guild Chat 3 for Veteran Trials.

    Our goal is to maintain a regular set of events that our members can anticipate being held in advance. The full calendar of events is posted on Band.

    If you'd like an invite, reply to this thread or message my gamertag: John2584; please include the class(es) and level(s) of your character(s) and any other information you think would be appropriate. If you have questions, feel free to ask.
  • Walties99
    do you want to run competitively with a serious team several times a week, what times are you available?
  • Grave
    Mostly all day Monday and Tuesday and a few hours every other day.
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