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Need some help with a character's backstory...

I think this is the best place to ask this? ._. I'm more of a solo-player atm but like to make up stories for my characters anyhows.

I want to know how likely it is for other races to worship the Tribunal in this current era? I know in TESIII any race could climb the ranks. In ESO I noticed there was an Argonian preacher in Mournhold and the Dunmer around seem to find it either a miracle or an oddity.

I'm asking this because I have an Argonian character that I'm working on a backstory for; I wanted something along the lines that she was actually raised by a Dunmer family (and not a slave either). Would she take on the Tribunal religion if this is how she was raised? I know a lot of Dunmer would probably find her 'below them'; but I've never come across Almalexia, Vivec or Sotha Sil rejecting other races in either game.

Also... would it be possible for her to still have a connection with the Hist as well?
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  • MAEK
    If she was raised by dunmer as you say it would be fully plausible gor her to worship the tribunal. I believe that argonians have to drink hist sap to have a connection to the hist, but as far as I know it doesn't have to be when they're young, so it could be something that she did later in her life if you so choose.

    I'm not sure if the connection to the Hist would interfere with her faith in the Tribunal, but I'd say that it could totally work.
  • jarnkoldur
    Greetings Scale Sister and or Brother,

    Let's begin with the question of: "also... would it be possible for her to still have a connection with the Hist as well?"

    Argonians can be hatched away from the influence of the Hist. Yet, it is acknowledged that an argonian that isn't allowed to drink the sap from the hist when they are first hatched shall be alienated to a degree from the Hist. Actually, in game lore would have us believe that an argonian which does not ingest the sap from a Hist Tree directly or from some alternative indirect route (be it the brest milk of their mother's which would contain some fragment of Hist sap) the argonian would not be able to survive and simply perish.
    Thus, you need to ask: was your character born with direct influence of the Hist? Or was your character born apart from the influence of the Hist?

    As for an Argonian, the Triunal and being adopted by Dunmer.
    It is at this point you should note that in answering the more prominent question above you shall have a better sense of what direction you would like to take your character.

    If you argonian is influenced by the Hist:
    Firstly, it would mean that your character has a connection to the Hist, a living diety which has as much, if not more, infuence and power than the Tribunal. How would this affect your character's theological thoughts? Also, if influenced by the Hist, the question has to be asked why did your character leave the vicinity of the Hist? Did the Hist send them away upon some errand? Were they kidnapped at an early age? If kidnapped, did your character's new found "parents" purchase the character for indentured service? If they did, what changed their minds in order to adopt your character? If they didn't, why did they? Does your character have memories of growning up amongst argonians? How do these memories and thoughts affect your character? Does your character feel a longing to return to the argonians?

    If your argonian wasn’t influenced by the Hist:
    Your character would be awkward amongst argonians. In this aspect your character would be far more defined by the ignorance of not knowning where your character truly belongs and how ypur chatacter defines themselves. Where was your character born? How do other argonians treat your character? Is your character readily influenced by the enviorment around them because they would like to "fit in?" How was your character happened upon by your character's "parents?" Was your character sold as a slave? What motive did your character's parents adopt your character? What influence does your character’s parents have upon your character? Does your character see themselves more Dunmer than argonian?

    I know I post a lot of questions, but hopefully this gets you thinking more about this character and developing your character's perspective in life -which shall hopefully aid you in creating a more realized character.

    Strength and honor.


    "And when the truth finally dawns, it shall dawn in fire!"
  • BlackSparrow
    Can't add much to jarnkoldur's post, at least as it pertains to the hist. Dunmer, on the other hand, is my specialty ;)

    You're right about the Tribunal. The priests and parishioners will absolutely look down on your character, though they'll generally tolerate an Argonian who displays the "proper" traits, such as piety and a certain degree of subservience. The Temple does not typically reject non-Dunmer converts, but a non-Dunmer preacher is rare enough to evoke some curiosity and fascination.

    The Tribunal gods themselves, however, do not turn down non-Dunmer. To them, the more people who worship them, the better. Even better if you have a chance of swaying other members of your race to join!

    And hey, indoctrination can be a powerful thing. It's entirely possible that if she grew up with a connection to the Hist but was taught the Tribunal ways by her parents, she could compartmentalize both beliefs. Depending on the parents, they might have tried to steer her away from the "Strange Argonian religion" so it's possible that her connection to the Hist may have been consciously suppressed for some time. Or, she had both beliefs and just reasoned them into separate corners to avoid cognitive dissonance. It's up to you how you want to handle it.

    One note on the adoptive parents: depending on where they live and what their social class is, they may encounter some consequences to raising a slave race as their own (the Pact outlawing Argonian slaves was only signed ten years ago, after all). In Hlaalu lands, they may be okay raising her, with just some gossip and titters, but if they live in an area dominated by any of the other houses, they may very well be social pariahs... especially in Telvanni or Dres lands.
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    Swum-Many-Waters, elderly argonian healer: "I think that I would enjoy writing a memoir."
    Silh'ki, khajiit warrior-chef: "Would this one be able to go outside, to the nearby river? It's hard to fish without water!"
    Peregrine Huntress, bosmer hunter: "Who is forcing me to stay inside, and where can I find them?"
    Lorenyawe, altmer mechanist: "And why would I want to go outside in the first place? Too much to be done in the workshop."
    Lorelai Magpie, breton master thief: "I'd go nuts. Lucky for me, I have a little experience sneaking out!"
    Rasheda the Burning Heart, redguard knight: "I would continue my training to keep my skills sharp."
    Hex-Eye Azabi, khajiit daedric priestess: "I suppose it would be lucky, then, that I built a shrine to Mephala in my backyard."
    Yngva Stormhammer, nord bandit (reformed...ish): "I hate being inside even when I'm not forced to be. GET. ME. OUT."
    Madam Argentia, vampire dunmer aristocrat: "I suppose it would be more of the same. I have a rather... contentious relationship with the sun."
    Mazie gra-Bolga, orc scout: "Uh... I'd have to house train my bear..."
    Felicia the Wanderer, imperial witch-for-hire: "What Lorelai said."
    Calico Jaka-dra, retired khajiit pirate: "This one would like a rest from her grand adventures. Her jewel shop runs out of stock!"
    Shimmerbeam, blind altmer psijic: "Provided that I am confined to Artaeum, I do not think I will want for things to occupy my time."
    Shauna Blackfire, redguard necromancer: "Sounds like paradise. I hate people."
    Kirniel the Undying, cursed bosmer warrior: "I would feel useless, not being able to fight."
    Echoes-from-Dragons, argonian who thinks she's a dragon: "All the better to count my hoard!"

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  • HappyHaunt
    MAEK wrote: »
    I'm not sure if the connection to the Hist would interfere with her faith in the Tribunal, but I'd say that it could totally work.
    Thanks, I've been unsure whether or not to have a connection to the Hist for her; but sure I'll figure something out, haha.

    jarnkoldur wrote: »
    Wow, thanks for the informative reply! Much appreciated; and yes it gives me quite a bit to think about. :D I was thinking more along the lines that she was born in Morrowind, meaning that she would most likely be alienated from the Hist. Thanks to her Dunmer upbringing she's probably more likely to try and be like the Dunmer; and perhaps finds other Argonians distant. (Though definitely disagrees with slavery. Her Dunmeri family would have been against it too, I know not all Dunmer agree with it.) That being said she does have an interest in the Hist and what it means, but doesn't understand it all too well and is more likely to focus on the Tribunal.

    Awesome, thanks for the help! Again gives me quite a bit to think about. I may have to revise some parts of her story. Haha. I like to think that even if she does feel a very distant connection to this strange 'Hist' she's more likely to continue revering the Tribunal.

    And about the houses; very good point! Definitely not Dres or Telvanni. XD Hlaalu lands seem like the best bet for her family.
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    Recently switched to Xbox EU server.
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