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Need guild

Been playing on ps4 for years just got xb1 with eso need some guild that won't mind someone new to the xb1 eso community.
Gt duchesspoptart6
  • Greywolf_McGrowler
    The Accursed Legion has been around before the game was in beta on the Xbox and is still active where as most would of died out.

    We've changed how the guild is ran throughout the years as the game has changed and our play style

    Currently we're looking for players that are in the US
    Who play in the afternoon till late at night.
    Those that are active in guild chat, and plan to be active within the guild

    We have a website with lots of information in our forums:

    In addition to a Facebook Page with even more information as well as screenshots and news.

    If you're interested in joining just send a message to GT: Greywolf34 or apply on our website.
    Commander Greywolf34 PR of The Accursed Legion
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