Werewolf+Vampire bites for SALE

980 gold a bite (or best offer). Contact (friend/send mail) @BlitzWing97 or @Kozato respectively. We wanna be friendly players :smile:
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  • xb1LL_mr_sir_LL
    u cant sell stuff on forums.
  • Rowjoh
    dude, you can only bite once a week so thats 980g a week lol.

    You can earn that just by killing stuff in the time it takes to post on here, and most guilds have lots of players that give bites for free anyway.

    If you want to make good gold quickly I'd be very happy to tell you how. For free o:)
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  • manustecta
    Kozato wrote: »
    980 gold a bite (or best offer). Contact (friend/send mail) @BlitzWing97 or @Kozato respectively. We wanna be friendly players :smile:
    You want to be frendly, but you selling bites for 980 gold.
    Why dont you show yours ¨friendliness¨ and give those bites for free?

    To everyone contact me ingame @manustecta i will give you vampire and wereworlf bites FOR FREE!
    To all players dont be stupid and give money for something that supposed to be allways FREE!
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    "Sweet Mother, sweet Mother, send your child unto me, for the sins of the unworthy must be baptized in blood and fear."
  • ZOS_AntonioP
    Hello everyone,http://

    This post is to let you know that we've felt it necessary to close this thread. The reason being that this thread is meant to advertise the buying of in-game services with gold. While trading is encouraged in-game, we like to avoid users publicly arranging trades on the forums. If users would like to offer free werewolf/vampire bites, you may do so on one of these threads here. Again, these are for free offers only.

    Thank you for understanding!
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