Seeking/Offering a Vampire or Werewolf Bite? Check here!

If you’re looking to contract vampirism or lycanthropy in ESOTU, or if you’re already a vampire or werewolf and are looking for fresh blood, please use one of the following threads to coordinate with other members of the community. We’ve created these dedicated threads in order to centralize the requests we’ve seen created as new threads.
As a reminder, here are some things to keep in mind when using these threads (these are posted at the start of each thread, but we think it’s worth calling them out here as well):
  • These threads are for coordinating free bites
    • We do not allow for trades or sales of any kind to be coordinated on the forums.
    • Some players may offer or request payment, and we want to remind everyone that if you choose to pay for a bite, you do so at your own risk.
    • Accepting in-game payment for a service like this and not delivering the agreed upon service is a violation of the game’s Terms of Service.
  • Please only post once
    • Posting multiple times clutters the thread and makes it more difficult to navigate.
    • The only exception here would be if you’re seeking a bite in your first comment, and later in the thread you are offering a bite to others.
  • Do not create separate threads in addition to posting in one of these
    • This creates more work for us, as we're actively closing the smaller request threads and redirecting to the appropriate places.
Thanks for your cooperation, everyone!
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