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PvP - Destructive Reach or Crushing shock for a magsorc?

Seeking advise from the more experienced Magsorcs but what is better for PvP Destructive Reach or Crushing shock? I like the knock back from Destructive reach (Inferno staff) but a lot of times it seems to hit people but nothing happens.. also the big flame circle is easy to see and dodge. Crushing shock does more up front damage and interrupts but I lose the knockback and the damage over time.

Thanks in advance for any and all help!!
  • Domander
    Crushing shock, no doubt. Make sure to have crystal frags on the same bar and make use of the instant proc (it also stuns)
  • leepalmer95
    Crushing shock is your main spam dps skill, you have frag and streak for cc's.
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  • ToRelax
    IF you use a Master's Staff, Destructive Reach becomes more feasible as a spammable, but I'd still take Crushing Shock over it. Otherwise I don't think it's much of an option to entirely replace Force Shock, though Destructive Reach is still one of the skills to come into consideration when you have space. A knockback can be very useful.
    Also keep in mind the regen and cost reduction nerfs in the Morrowind patch notes. That could make the more expensive Destructive Reach even less competitive as spammable.
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  • Hammy01
    Ok thanks everyone... I was leaning towards Crushing shock as well. I might miss the knocking people off of outposts with Destructive Reach though :).
  • Hexys
    This is very situational, Crushing Shock will work versus every opponent and gives you good results. Destructive reach can give you top results against weaker players as you can line it up with curse and proc-cast the fragment straight after for high burst that they don't know how to avoid. Reach has some counters, I would say play with what you prefer and how your overall sustain works out!
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  • Jsmalls
    Neither (hides behind bushes) Sorcs use burst not sustained DPS in PvP. A curse into a weaved endless, and weaved frag with a weaved streak as a follow up will kill most opponents. For those it doesn't, they're tanks that you'll probably need to use an ultimate on or wear out their resources. Also I'm a huge fan of the shock enchant over the spell damage enchant. Have a chance to proc vulnerability and does like 2000 damage when concussed procs.
  • TheRubiksCube
    You'll get more DPS with crushing shock, and kind of pointless to have the knock back when you have a proc c frag to toss at your opponent which knocks them down. If you're going against a DK, the flame reach will get reflected back and a crushing shock won't be.
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  • Derra
    If you have a masters staff and are willing to go for the extra regen you´ll need with reach as a spammable it´s highly vaible on certain builds.

    I can´t see it working with the sustain changes next patch.
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  • Docmandu
    Another thing in favor of crushing is the change they did to reflect. Crushing can't be reflected anymore, whereas destructive reach still can. (and it's quite easy to spot.. even more so with people using Miat's addon)
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