Request for 1 v X tutorials

  • deepseamk20b14_ESO
    Minalan wrote: »
    1. Find small to medium size group of terrible players with PVE builds that don't dodge, shield, heal up, block or otherwise defend themselves properly.

    2. Take footage. Post on YouTube. Add a back drop of some horrible band. Make a post here to stroke your ego.

    3. ???

    4. Profit!

    Number #1 isn't that hard to find if you look hard enough. They're everywhere.


    2. Don't add anything from a terrible band. Only good bands. You know the classics of rock music. One of the Big 4 is always a good choice. Disturbed, Avenged Sevenfold, Alter Bridge and Slash also good choices. As long as its not Death, Black, or *something*Core it should be fine. Or you could be even cooler and use classical music. Jazz and Blues wouldn't really seem fitting to me. Rap could work. Pop or any Electronic music is not a very good idea IMO, shows lack of taste for a 1vX clip.

    I thought you said don't add terrible bands?
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  • deepseamk20b14_ESO
    mtwiggz wrote: »
    1.) Put on high damage/tanky low sustain gear.
    2.) Have lots of tripots and immovable pots.
    3.) Find group of potatoes.
    4.) Attack lowest HP potato with undodgable ultimate.
    5.) Run around a tree or rock until you have another ultimate.
    6.) Repeat steps 4-5 until all potatoes are dead.

    *Use immovable and tripots as needed

    Step 3 is the most important step. Without potatoes 1vX videos would not be possible. Everyone thanks you, potatoes.

    Basically this.
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  • GrigorijMalahevich
    Pro tip of the day:

    Break line of sight, kill stuff, don't die, say l2p to everyone.

    Good job and gratz!
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