Upgrading to a better PS4

That Darn Argonian
I'm upgrading to a PS4 with double the memory as we are running out (and with Morrowind coming out soon - I want the extra memory!)

My question is: Is EVERYTHING stored on ZOS servers? Will I lose anything by upgrading? There aren't any saves I can see aside from Videos and Screen shots, I've saved them to USB.

Just wondering and thanks in advance!
  • dotme
    All your characters, history etc are on the ZOS servers. Swapping units or storage shouldn't be a problem.
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  • Takes-No-Prisoner
    The only thing you lose is settings. All of that is stored in your machine. So once you get the new PS4, hop onto ESO and mess around with your settings.
  • That Darn Argonian
    Thank you both,
    I switched 2 days ago and yes, the only think I noticed different were my settings, it's no longer displaying my numbers and my audio settings were now off.

    But yay! Now I have a sugar-ton of space for Morrowind!!
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