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Game freezing prevents VMOL rewards

Soul Shriven
A run that happened over a night ago, a VMOL run for a fellow guidie to get him his first VMOL complete, hatrick17, ends up having his game freeze during execution phase on Rakkat as we beat him, thus nullifying his chance at the last chest and coffer, and also his Dro Mathra skin. I will post a video as proof if needed, but I believe 1000% that he deserves his rewards for his effort as he was in the party and royally screwed by terrible technical issues constantly plaguing VMOL and trials in general. It is completely out of his control, and if this video is needed (I will post link as soon as its uploaded), you will see and hear him say he is frozen, subsequently disconnects, and from my POV, you can see his character's body vanish right before the end, but remaining in the group the entire time. He virtually did 99% of the trial.

To add insult to injury, the run last night to do attempt number 2 for redemption could not even take shape due to the constant party members DCing and getting frozen/dropped every fight. Roughly 30 plus times easily. I don't expect any real "justice" but I figured its worth getting out there that this is really "DCing" the fun out of ESO as this content and its stability in its current state is frustrating as all hell, often unplayable in these circumstances, and laughably bad at best. Here is hoping anything good comes from this.
  • Rittings
    This sums up ESO at the moment... and I feel the frustration of the OP and their guildie... it is totally unacceptable that we pay money for this (whether initial up front cost of game, or via crowns, or via ESO+ subscription) and we do NOT receive the product that we pay for and were promised.
  • O_sir_is
    Soul Shriven
    Yes. To the fellow guildie who didnt get his due process, my group went back and got it for him again and this time we were successful and made sure he was present. Its really disappointing that even has to be the case though.

    But I agree, its genuinely disheartening to have all the end game content, especially VMOL, be at the mercy of server side issues. It is kinda pathetic that groups have to actually to expect DCs like its a game mechanic, to have your score runs be purely based on how many disconnects, to whom it happens to, or when. Nothing is better than having a whole load of vitality bonus left and making great time to have your TANK DISCONNECT ON THE FINAL BOSS. All that time wasted....ahhh

    Even now, me and other players are getting this framerate lag where things will stop, then speed up to the present moment in the instance, and while I can begrudgingly get by, it has cost me deaths to simple things. This has gone on for 5 days now, and happens anytime I am in a group.

    And look, I love this game and will support it, but endgame content is on the edge of being broken and its wearing people thin. And I agree Rittings, we are all paying for for plus for issues that have remained unresolved for literally months, and the Homestead patch has made this incredibly worse. To think that that this all might actually roll in to Morrowind....
  • DPShiro
    The Trials are completely unplayable on consoles, so no new players can actually start working on beating them etc
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