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Question about cp and gear

So I'm currently CP 70 and still using my gear from level 46 (not champion 46). I keep wanting to craft new gear but unsure how exactly CP levels work in terms of gear since I'm worried I'll just outlevel the gear too quickly since cp goes up really fast. I know the gear cap is 160. When I was 1-50 I would craft new gear every 5 or so levels. So I guess my question is how often should you be crafting new gear throughout champion level progression? I still have 2 stars on my character screen for gear and haven't been dying too much which is why I keep waiting to craft. Thanks for the help!
  • Nestor
    Jewelry? Set Items? Those will give you more stars.

    Your still being buffed by the game, though not as much. Is this your first character? If so, you may want to craft new gear about every 50CPs (10, 60, 100, 160) I forget where the Enchanting break points are, but that is a good time to make new gear when you can use the next tier of Glyphs.

    Now, if you have Champ Points and this is an Alt, CP10 gear can carry you through to CP160, maybe getting new weapons every 50 points or so.

    But, your right, your leveling quick and keeping up with gear is a pain while doing that.
    Enjoy the game, life is what you really want to be worried about.

    PakKat "Everything was going well, until I died"
    Gary Gravestink "I am glad you died, I needed the help"

  • dpencil
    Don't craft new gear until you're 160 unless you actually need it. (i.e. if you plan to do group dungeons) If you're just solo questing, it's not necessary.
  • davey1107
    If you play an hour per day (roughly) and do some dailies with the 2x XP birthday bonus going for the next 12 days, you will hit CP160 a week.

    Undaunted skill line is a long gain some CPs while working this, do the normal dungeon dailies if you can get a group, and do the delve dailies from Bogrul (it's worth 1/2 as much as a normal dungeon run for leveling undaunted, but they are super fast). Do the Kvatch daily if you have gold Coast access, wrothgar world boss dailies if you have Orsinium. If you need Fighters Guild do their dolmen dailies. Or get a psijic and clean up any public dungeons where you still need the quest/skill point/sky shard. The point is that you're closer to CP160 than you probably think.

    Your time is better spent thinking about what sets you'd like to use for your semi-permanent c160 armor and collecting mats. Once you get to 160 your character is probably mostly done buffing their power via passives and abilities, but you can squeeze a loooooooooot more out of your gear configurations. The right sets and purple/gold gear will amp you right up.

    I don't know what your class is, but some basic c160 "starter" sets would be Hundings Rage for stam, Julianos for magic. These are great sets you can mix and match for a looooong time. Also Magnus or Night Mothers. Any of these would be a good option to transition into when you hit 160.
  • Orm_embar
    Thanks for the reasonses! I'm currently 140 and I decided to craft new sets at 120 since I kept dying. I also heard that once I get a certain cp on one char all your chars will be that so I wanted to see what the different styles looked like while they would be useful. I also have a lot of mats for those since I did a ton of anchors from cp10-120 since I figured that was best way to get good experience while getting a lot of gear to level up crafting and research traits.

    I'm currently using hundings and ashen grip with swamp raider jewelry on my stam nightblade and it works really well. Ive used these sets and night mothers for a while. I want to try out hungings and briarheart once I get 160. I'm open to suggestions though! I just maxed all the crafting skill lines and have 6-8 traits done on just about everything.

    What's the 2x birthday bonus?
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