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LF PVE dungeon Guild

Hey guys I'm a retiring player looking for a guild that can show me the ropes of veteran dungeons as i hope to farm some of them for the new armour pieces I've missed out on being away from the game. I haven't ran many veteran dungeons but am looking forward to learning the ropes from more experienced players!

psn: d0ntevenl1ft
  • Lacangel
    I'll hit you up with a guild invite in the morning bruh. And hit u up with a psn message as well
  • gameshark79
    Sent an invite to our guild. Hope to hear from you.
  • Vindictress
    I would like to extend an invitation to Illicitus. We have many members who wish to guild group up for dungeons and more. Were casual eastern time. We have a website that you can request certain dungeons, or help with anything else or use voice for immediate responses. We also use discord for text purposes as it's easier than in game texting for most of us. If you wish to know more you can message either one of us and we would be glad to offer more information or answer questions that you may have.

    Damien-271 (Daemon Malos)
    Trisqit (Princess Vindictive)
    xrastamadnessx (Lady Pastafarian)
    Valendreath (Valkis Corvin)
    Stoffs77 (Kingjoff)
    Nykteus-Fenrir (Nykteus-Fenrir)
    Princess Vindictive - Templar - PS4
    Vindie - Nightblade - PS4
    Shyael Aeron - Sorcerer - PS4
    PSN: Trisqit

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