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Broom and Bucket - Crown Store

  • rotaugen454
    So, just to double check, the broom and the helm from April fools actually have absolutely zero value or good function, right? There isn't something I'm missing, like some hidden special surprise? Perhaps the helm drips water on the ground to pick up or the broom has a cat suddenly pop out of it when you whack somebody with it?

    Someone finished VMsA with them equipped...
    "Get off my lawn!"
  • AndrewQ84
    My girlfriend runs around on her nine year old toon with them equipped attacking random people pretending they are villains. It's hilarious. My drunk tank uses the bucket to protect himself. He says it stops the fairies from laying eggs in his brain.
    Sa'hira of the Shadows, DC Nightblade and ruins explorer extraordinaire.

    "May your day be awesome and full of Bacon!!!"

    - Me
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