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Unable to purchase an ESO+ Membership

I posted this in the Crowns Store section, but I've had no luck with it so far. So I decided to post here, because I can't exactly wait around for that thread to suddenly bloom to life.

So, yesterday I opted to go out and buy my usual paysafe card that I usually do my online purchases, and it has been the one way I have been getting ESO+.

I wake up early in the morning and I try to get myself a 30 day subscription, only for it to consistently retrace me back to the main store page, not in to any of the different windows (It does for the Crowns purchases though, which is odd).

Is this the same for anyone else? Because my Paysafe lasts for about a week, and I don't exactly wish to see it expire (Plus I'd really like the membership)
  • Callous2208
    Not exactly the same but this evening they cancelled my recurring monthly sub and it will not allow me to resubscribe. Bank has no idea why they cancelled. So now I wait on my ticket to get answered. Only been subbed without a break for like two years, so I'm sure I'm low priority. :/
  • BRogueNZ
    What browsers are you guys using?

    ESO site seems to spit the dummy with Chrome occasionally.
  • starkerealm
    BRogueNZ wrote: »
    What browsers are you guys using?

    ESO site seems to spit the dummy with Chrome occasionally.

    My experience is that it starts coughing up blood with Firefox, but has no issues with Chrome. Either way, swapping browsers is one thing worth trying.
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  • NewBlacksmurf
    Does ESO accept Paysafe?

    Asking cause I've always thought that was only for the games listed on their site. Honestly asking cause the support page doesn't mention it.

    Saw this very old post....maybe that helps some. Seems Paysafe is or isn't accepted depending upon where you live
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  • Kalgert
    Happy to see a few responses here, so let me address them:

    Yes, ESO accepts Paysafe. I have been making my purchases of Crowns and such using such a method. All of a sudden, it won't get me past the "Buy Now" phase of the purchasing. So it is very bothersome for me since I have been trying to do this for two days now.

    Changing browsers might work for some people, but Firefox didn't help either. I attempted to buy a membership on that browser as well, but no success.

    I have sent a ticket about it, and I have pretty much gave an accurate telling of "I can buy Crowns alright, but I can't buy the Membership". And they seem to have misunderstood it to the point that they have sent my case to a "Specialized Team".

    Anyway, I have decided to go do it through the account page as oppossed to the store page for the ESO Plus Membership, and it worked now. Sooo yeah... There seems to be a problem somewhere, or I was doing something wrong.
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