FPS 60+ all the time on ultra graphics

Is it possible to maintain 60+ FPS all the time on ultra graphics (including zergfest in Cyrodil) ?

I have a video card GTX 970 and decent AMD FX-8350 processor (9000 pints score in passmark) and my FPS in Grahtwood is about 40, and in action it drops even to below 20, which makes it unplayable.
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  • Turelus
    During Cyrodiil I don't think so just because of the impact so many effects has.

    During normal gaming its very easy to maintain with a decent spec. I have a GTX980 and keep 60+ for everything but extreme situations.
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  • Sixth
    This game is also very processor reliant I'm told. So you could have the best graphic card, but if you're processor isnt top of the line, you won't be maximizing your FPS Im pretty sure.
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  • W0lf_z13
    i run a gtx 970 with an i7-4790k on ultra settings and often in Cyro my fps are 20-40 ... ill get up to 60 a bit but quiet often its under.... occasionally it will drop into the teens
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