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Declining duels. Can people take "no" for an answer?

I occasionally duel. I primarily duel friends only. Anyway, I pass by the outskirts of mournhold to drop off or pick up undaunted quests, people invite me to duels, I decline because I'm in the middle of something. Some then follow me around and do the laugh emote, teabag nesr me, or say stuff like " cmon duel me so I can pack you up"

Another time was when I dueled my CP300 friend in front of people. When I'd beat him people would then invite me, to which I decline, then they say stuff like " you duel a cp300 why u no duel me" stuff then go on and on about it.

Sheesh there's over a million active players on eso, do duel one of em. But many get mad when I decline them.
  • Xerton
    So what's the point? People online can be a pain in the a***?
    Now that's new!
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  • LuminaLilly
    Xerton wrote: »
    So what's the point? People online can be a pain in the a***?
    Now that's new!

    Haha lol I guess. Just one of those things that make you go " my gosh"
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  • Turelus
    Unless planning to duel, auto decline always on.

    If people try to taunt me, remember I have seen far more original smack in EVE Online local chat and walk away doing what I was doing smug in my knowing they didn't get and "fun" as I didn't answer/take note at all.


    Or just for fun accept the duel but before it starts strip all your clothes and gear and do nothing (no skills) but punch the person. Then when they win their only bragging rights are they're able to beat ungeared/no skill usage characters.
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  • Artemiisia
    after one did it to a lowbie on me on an anomaly in craglorn, right before fight started he trow a duel invite, I thought it was a group invite, so I didn't hesitate to accept....

    he killed my lowbie butt :D

    Learned the hard way for sure :D
  • pjwb16_ESO

    take that for an answer!
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  • Rainwhisper
    Turelus wrote: »
    Unless planning to duel, auto decline always on.

    Wait...there's an auto-decline? Why doesn't this default to "on?"

  • dpencil
    Ive dueled at the Wayrest dueling spot quite often and I haven't seen this kind of immaturity. If someone declines an invite, I move on and don't bother them again. That's what I see most people do. Sorry you had a run in with some immature people OP.
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