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[XB][NA][All Factions] BYE Phelicia PvE/PvP Social & Trading Guild

Soul Shriven
[XB][NA][All Factions] BYE Phelicia
  • Active:Pretty much all day, everyday
  • Members: 110 (growing rapidly)
  • Trader: TBD
  • Dues: none at the moment, we will instate once our guild hits an appropriate membership level.

Who are we looking for?:
Anyone and everyone, new players, and veteran players alike. As long as you’re mature, drama free, and respectful (trash talking while in PvP is an exception) you're welcome to come slay baddies with us :)

About Us:
We are a PvE/PvP social group that likes to get things done and laugh pretty hard along the way. We strive to help new ESO members and stay drama free. We are a new guild as of about a month ago. Our core is a group of experienced players who were very successful in other guilds and decided to branch out and start their own. As our guild grows we will start to focus more on the bustling ESO economy. Our main off game communication is done through the BAND App @ BYE Phelicia.

Need a hand running that dungeon? Someone is always happy to help. Advice on that build you're working on? Chances are someone has tested and played through and would love to give you a hand. Need a Master Crafter to help with potions, enchantments, provisioning, or gear? Just send a PM and we'll get you taken care of. Looking to snag that last piece of your set that has been alluding you? Let's grab a guild dungeon group so you've got 4x the chance of scooping it up. Looking to build your trader/selling network and skills? We've got guildies in most of the major traders around Tamriel, who are more than happy to lend a hand.

How to apply:
Message "l Hot Soup l" (They're lower case L's) or "Lord Adol 54" in game or leave a reply here and I'll get an invite sent out ASAP.

Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions. Thanks for taking the time to read and I look forward to seeing you all out there!!

-Your friendly neighborhood recruitment officer, Hot Soup

Come Join us on the Band app @ BYE Phelicia, PLEASE USE YOUR XB GT. It makes our lives a little simpler :) Thanks for the cooperation!
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  • Xenofear
    Just came back to the game and was looking for a good place to have some fun and run dungeons with like minded people. Can need find groups to run stuff or get kicked once getting in.

    GT: ShadowraithxXXX
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