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Does ESO support Boost mode for the PS4 Pro?


Best Answers

  • MasturCheef
    This is wrong.

    Boost mode only enables the better clock speeds of the Pro to unpatched games. ESO is patched and optimised for the new hardware and does not benefit beyond that from boost mode.

    Official ZOS news on PS4 Pro features that were patched into the game months ago, way earlier than the fairly new boost mode.

    The new boost mode - coming soon in the 4.5 system software upgrade - opens up the power of the Pro to unpatched base PS4 titles. -

    Link to full article on boost mode

    ESO is no "unpatched base title".

    Conclusion: Smoother framerate when activating boost mode is an illusion and subjective perception. Sorry man :/
    Accepted Answer
  • Strider_Roshin
    It does not, ESO is already updated for the PS4 Pro, Boostmode only "boosts" games released earlier than the PS4 Pro (November 2016) which have not yet recieved Pro-patches.

    Examples are GTA 5 and Bloodbourne, these games get a small (GTA 5) to impressive (Bloodbourne) boost in terms of framerate(-stability).

    The promised Pro-features however in combination with a 1080p-only screen (better shadows, draw distance, water reflections and ambient occlusion) are not at all working correctly and I'm still waiting for a developer statement.
    The framerate however, regardless of the TV-resolution you use, is drastically improved on the Pro.

    Thank you for the response @MasturCheef
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