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Morrowind upgrade from norm to collectors edt?

hmm... if I pre-order the morrowind upgrade now.. just the regular one.. can I then upgrade that at a later date to the collectors edition?
  • potticus11
    Soul Shriven
    I am also looking for an answer to this as I purchased the regular edition when first announced but have reconsidered and would like to upgrade to the Collectors edition... Please tell me its possible!
  • Turelus
    There is no official answer that I know of, however ZOS did sell the original games collectors edition as an upgrade later.

    Unless you hear from ZOS directly anywhere your safest bet is to buy the collectors, remember that you get the preorder bonus as long as you order before June 6th so if you need some more money you can still save up and buy it in may to get the preorder bonus.
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