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Radiant Aura issues

Radiant Aura only gives a visual clue that it has been applied on select mobs. It is either too hard to see on certain mobs, or does not appear. On some, it appears as a gold halo. On others it is a glow around the midsection, but most mobs show no indication that the buff is present.

Also, the enormous diameter of the skill causes all mobs in a very large area to be aggroed onto the caster. Unless this can be changed to not actually aggro creatures until they are attacked by a damage skill/spell, this will become a problem for people soloing or questing, and in dungeons tanks will have to taunt creatures off the caster.
  • Cinbri
    That what i was talking about. There is no visual clue of what or who affected by skill. Siphon and Drain have a clearly visible effects, but not Aura. Impossible to determine if you get magicka back when you play without buff-tracking addons and teammates can't see it too.
    Would be nice if it had partly visual effect of taken from Siphon Spirit:
    Essence going into affected add (without those orange stripes of Siphon):

    Or proc visual effect on those who proc debuff.
    Siphon Spirit visual effect that will be removed: essence float around caster:

    None of those visual effects will drain too much video resources.

    Edited by Cinbri on February 5, 2017 5:38PM
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