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DK build/role questions from new player

Soul Shriven

I'm a totally new player, having installed the game just 3 days ago. So far, I've just been getting used to basic game mechanics and trying to decipher how characters are built.

I've read a little about builds, but a lot is confusing as much of the info focuses on end game and includes talk of optimal gear choices. It also doesn't help that I obviously don't understand many of the abbreviations etc.

Anyway, I thought I'd list what I do and don't want from my character, and ask the community for some advice on leveling builds, roles, end game builds to work towards, gear etc

I have chosen a Breton DK
(currently only level 8, with only a few skill and attribute points spent for fear of wasting them on bad choices)

I will be playing a lot with a friend who has made a Breton Templar (who plans on playing a healing role)

I don't want to play as a DD
I don't want to play as a healer
I want to equip melee weapons (preferably 1h/shield or 2h, not dual wield)

I suppose that leaves tanking, but I would prefer an "off-tank"/group support/utility role.

I am aware that Bretons are not considered the best race for tanking (particularly Stam based)

My research so far suggests that I should build/play a "dk magicka tank". But again, most of this info is focused on end game or high level group content.

Is it viable to level with such a build (or working towards one)?

Are melee weapons viable for a "DK magicka tank"? Or must I build a stam based tank for that?

Where should I start putting attribute points based on how/what I'd like to play?

Can anyone post levelling builds/advice based on my preferences?

Please help!

TLDR: how do I build/level a melee equipped, off-tank/group support Breton DK?
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Best Answer

  • richiejam
    Soul Shriven
    Thank you, Davey, for the great reply. Really answered some of my questions and has got me underway!
  • spawn10459
    could you give help on a Stm based DK and are they worth playing?
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