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I prefer Cyrodiil over Battlegrounds

Purely because it's not alliances. Imagine if battleground players were teamed based on alliances.The winner would get points for the alliance in their campaigh. That'd make it so much better to me
  • austinwalter87ub17_ESO
    I have to agree. But, the downside is that if an alliance is underpopulated it's rough.
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  • phairdon
    Look at it in a positive light. Those wanting smalls scale stuff get their wish, rest of us can play as we see fit in Cyrodiil.
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  • Turelus
    I like unbalanced and open world PvP more than organised battlegrounds, that's probably because I played EVE for so long though.

    That said organised battlegrounds do mean tournaments are possible now and it's always fun to partake in or watch those.
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  • Cadbury
    Personally I'm hoping it's similar to The Wolves Den and Frontline in FFXIV.
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