Can anyone help me working out what skills I need for this build ?

There's an update to the skills in the second video, I got all the updated armor pieces, but having a hard time working out what the skills needed are due to only having the symbols and not the names.
Think this was done on the pc and so no idea on the symbols for the skills.
I know there's a duel wield bar and a sword and board bar.
Could anyone give me a hand?
I'd really appreciate it.
Thanks !
  • Danksta
    This site has all the skills and all the info you need to know about them, including the symbols.
    BawKinTackWarDs PS4/NA

  • Hawco10
    Thanks for that. I'll try and work it out from there. I have a brain injury from Iraq that makes it hard for me to work through stuff like this. I'll see if I can get a friend from work to help me out. Thank you again for taking the time to give me the information.
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