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Guesses on profitable stuff to horde for update 13

Group brainstorming session...what should we be buying up before update 13 hits? Homesteading is almost surely going to rock the economy.

I'm guessing rubedite, rubedo, ruby ash and ancestor silk will go up in price. Why? People will start doing writs like crazy since that's how you earn the homestead master writs.

I'm also guessing the price of purple mats will skyrocket...maybe blues and green too? It looks like a lot of furniture items require many, many upgrade mats. Thoughts on how this works? The pts notes make it unclear, but it sounds like players will be burning mats to upgrade their furniture.

Anyone else have ideas? I'm considering investing a couple million gold in stuff that will become rare. And also, btw, I'm not a fan of the homesteads creating a shortage of everything that pushes prices through the roof. Hopefully they're not going to manipulate the economy too bad, but some of the lists I've seen indicate a ridiculous material burn to furnish a house.
  • pala_the4th
    Umm, I just made my first million and I have been trying to sell stuff like crazy so I have enough money for a large house and the decorations.
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  • Alanar
    Purple motifs and chapters will likely go up once people realize that they make a big difference for the master writ drop rates. Prices are already starting to rise.
  • AzuraKin
    rofl please explain how having a motiff would increas master drop rates? you dont stop getting a page after you learn it, rates of items from writs will never change.
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  • Jim_Pipp
    Purple motif prices will rise for a while, then drop as people settle down to having however many characters doing master writs (the most easily aquired purple motifs will actally drop in price due to oversuply). There will be a rush on master writs but that will slow down as soon as people have their target skeleton etc.

    In zone chat there are lots of people trying to buy up style materials (I expect bone to be the most valuable because you need 206 for each skeleton).

    The only thing to really save up now is prospecting surveys because furniture crafting will require a lot of the mats added to the game in homestead (mats you get from resource nodes).

    So what to save up right now? Skill points - so all your characters can be top level craters with maxed out keen eyes and hireling's.
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  • Blackbird_V
    Jim_Pipp wrote: »
    So what to save up right now? Skill points - so all your characters can be top level craters with maxed out keen eyes

    Potato PC user here: Keen eye is pointless for me. Sometimes, having a Toaster for a computer is a good thing.
  • Celas_Dranacea
    Insider tip: dreugh wax. Buy large stacks of dreugh wax.
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  • Pandorii
    I've been looking (unsuccessfully) for Rekaipa. A lot of furniture recipes require them.
  • Kodrac
    Pandorii wrote: »
    I've been looking (unsuccessfully) for Rekaipa. A lot of furniture recipes require them.

    You need runes to make a couch? lol wut
  • davey1107
    In zone chat there are lots of people trying to buy up style materials

    People are always trying to get a high price for base style materials...I guess some of those $10k stacks of moonstone or nickel sell, but since npcs sell them for 15, or $3k a stack, I'm not sure why people bother to list them. I planned to shell out $3k for my target skeletons mats and move on to stuff that's actually annoying to get, lol.
    rofl please explain how having a motiff would increas master drop rates?

    Master writ rewards in trade crafts will go up based on that toon's known purple motifs and researched traits, per zos's developer notes.
    So what to save up right now? Skill points - so all your characters can be top level craters with maxed out keen eyes and hireling's.

    It's a rare update that rewards my buddy and my obsessive practice of passing the craft responsibilities down our character lists over time, so that all ten of my toons are 50s down the board and all are set up to do level 9-10 writs already. Praise jeebus.
  • Taleof2Cities
    A key item subset has been missed in the posts above:

    Trait Stones

    Hold on to those.

    There is one player on NA PC (won't name and shame) that is spamming every zone for WTB trait stones ... almost enterprising except that the offer on some of the stones is way less than fair market value. Be careful or you'll be on the unforgiving end of a bad deal ...

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  • WhiteMage
    So housing is their way to ty to revive the economy by pulling out large amounts of gold and crafting materials from players' inventories? Interesting...

    If I were the entrepreneurial type, rather than a self-sufficient hoarder, I could probably afford a house this next patch. Eh, priorities.
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  • Turelus
    Trait Stones

    Hold on to those.

    *Thinks back to those times he trashed thousands of these as his guild bank couldn't hold any more*
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  • aaisoaho
    Potent & fortified nirncrux. You'll get more vouchers per item from nirnhoned items than legendary items.
    Also there might be a chance that the prices of upgrading items aren't gonna rise, if everybody stacks on them and tries to sell at the patch launch. (=too much supply compared to demand) This applies to every item considered to be worthy to stack.
  • Viveun
    - Gold mats: Some master writs require legendary items to be crafted.
    - Rakeipa: Heavily used in furniture crafting.
    - Purple motifs: especially the ones that have not been regularly farmed in a long time.
    - Imperial motif
    - v16 mats: Though I don't think the price hike is going to be that exciting, I do think they'll get a slight boost.
    - Idiots trying to sell basic race style mats at inflated prices.
    - Possibly a small spike in non-basic race style mats, considering master writs require style specific crafting.
    - Possibly psijic ambrosia frags/recipe, since the cipher/dust will now be available through writ vouchers.
    - Ice Staves: especially on tank type sets.

  • Fudly_budly
    after a couple days on PTS, back on PCNA I began:
    - hoarding racial style stones so I won't have to buy them at 15g ea. from vendors.
    - farming every rune node I can / deconning glyphs like crazy
    - hoarding green, blue, and purple tanins
    LOL... mostly just preparing myself to dump 1 mill+ gold to furnish my home.
    OH yeah, bought the Crown Store "drunkard" so I can at least spend the next year in a drunken stupor while grinding the decorating of my useless house. ;)
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  • anitajoneb17_ESO
    davey1107 wrote: »
    I'm guessing rubedite, rubedo, ruby ash and ancestor silk will go up in price.

    I have doubts on this.
    There will be new crafting ingredients for furniture and those will drop on crafting nodes. In order to get those, people will farm crafting nodes like mad and flood the market with refined materials.
    What you say is true but I think it will be compensated with what I say and prices will remain stable.
    Just my opinion though.

  • Asardes
    Well, I'm really not keen on getting master crafting writs on all chars since they are a gold temper sink. Getting 100% chance on that requires 8 of those. On EU PC rosin is about 4K steady, dreugh wax 6K steady and tempering alloy about 9K dropping sharply lately - not sure why, but I suspect people farmed ore nodes and refined like crazy in order to make a quick buck and the market became flooded with it. Although I have between 3-400 of each I'm not keen at all blowing them on a writ that only rewards fluff on more than one char. I've only learned the more expensive motifs on my main character, having just completed my last ones on Sunday. My other mature chars only have the basic passives in order to do the normal writs, have no traits researched, and only know the base racial motifs, Hollowjack - because I had hundreds of pages and nothing to do with them - and Mercenary - because I like to have laurels drop from each dungeon boss and the motif is cheap as dust.
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  • disintegr8
    I read in this that I will only have to keep following the same path I always have.

    I spent a few k on bone style stones from the vendor, so I can get 2 or 3 skeletons. I have at least 300 of each purple improvement tempers/tannins, over 100 of each gold, 100 kutas, 3 full psijic recipes, 70+ fortified and 30+ potent nirncrux. A 9 trait and an 8 trait crafter and all 8 characters at level 50 in all crafting skills.

    I have been saving my writ surveys for the update, when the nodes are expected to be dropping the new furniture mats, currently have 62 but expect that to nearly double before the update hits PS4.

    Oh, and in case I get caught short, 6.5 million in gold to buy anything I am missing..... B)
    Australian on PS4 NA server.
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  • davey1107
    @anitajoneb17_ESO great point on the flooding of mats owing to excessive farms for homestead style mats.

    @disintegr8 Sounds like my account, which is why I'm writing posts and not fretting over grinding ten toons to 50 in trade skills, lol. I missed the stupid psijic recipe price spike after annoying. They were selling for like $1.2 million but I couldn't play and missed it.

    Hey zos, can we have a jejota/denta sink? What if a target skeleton required like 1,000 jejotas. It would be a tough call for me...should I craft nine of them, or ten? Stupid jejotas...
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