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The Skuldafn Saga is recruiting. Freindly PVE Guild.

Brand new guild just starting up with a new idea in mind. Guild is designed to be smaller and more closely knit. Will originally cap at 60 members. With the 10 given ranks you will be assigned and or given a rank title of 16 characters or less of your choosing. This is a group choosing and can change given consensus. One group leader will be assigned to each rank. This organization is for 10 groups of 6. Will try to pair with people who play around the time you do and with regard to your favorite class. Should make running team pvp smoother and make group adventuring more smoother at your groups decided pace. No dues.... for now. I'd like to form and get everyone comfortability and opinion. Post here and i'll send you an invite... bring your friends.
  • RoughneckG
  • RoughneckG
  • o0Velius
    Invite o Lady Velius
    Main Tank For
    Difficulty Increased

    PC : @o0Velius

    Xbox One. GT: oo Velius
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