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Stealth, Cloak, Invisibility, Sneak ......

....having a tough time learning and understanding which of these is different, and which are the same. Doing some theory crafting, and see mentioned attack bonuses for stealth etc.

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  • BlackSparrow
    Sneak: The action of crouching to go into stealth. Initiate by pressing the "sneak" button ("CTRL" on PC). You can also sneak past enemies in the game by staying out of their line of sight.

    Stealth: The actual state of being sneaky. You know you're in stealth mode when the eye at the center of your screen (it appears when you press the sneak button) closes all the way. If it opens all the way, you've been spotted!

    Invisibility: A special ability state. Drink an invisibility potion or use Shadow Cloak, and you will go invisible for a limited time. Allows you to be unseen without necessarily needing to go into "sneak" mode.

    Cloak: short for Shadow Cloak, an ability specific to Nightblades that lets them go invisible for a few seconds without the need for a potion.

    Basically, you can Sneak by entering Stealth or by using Invisibility, which NBs can access by using Cloak.
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    Rasheda the Burning Heart, redguard knight: "While I try to stay at Swum-Many-Waters' side, the whispers of an undead threat worry me."
    Hex-Eye Azabi, khajiit daedric priestess: "Perhaps. The lady Mephala spins many webs, and I can see there being benefit in sending me into the path of an undead invasion."
    Yngva Stormhammer, nord bandit (reformed...ish): "I hear there will be dragons. I would be a disappointment to my Nord heritage if I did not try to slay them."
    Madam Argentia, dunmer aristocrat: "I have little desire to waltz across the desert for weeks at a time. It's terrible for the complexion."
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    Felicia the Wanderer, imperial witch-for-hire: "The Khajiit usually throw some nice contracts my way. I'm sure Jimila will have something that will take me there."
    Calico Jaka-dra, retired khajiit pirate: "This one is happy to check back on her homeland after grand adventures drew her away! Let the kittens call her -dra instead of -daro now!"
    Shimmerbeam, blind altmer psijic: "My lady Meridia does detest the undead. I may need to sneak out on my duties on Artaeum to address it."

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  • thedude33
    So Crouch/Sneak/Stealth are all the same thing ..CTL button on keyboard. Everyone has this.

    Invis = Nightblade Cloak or Invis potion

    Thanks, I think I have it now.
    1v1 Win/Loss Record in PvP.
    1 Wins - 392 Losses (guy was AFK)

  • davey1107
    Sparrows explanation is very good. I'll expand regarding attack bonuses that apply to stealth. I'll also add the term crouch: the walking around your character does while still in sneak, which drains stamina.

    If a skill or set mentions a bonus from stealth or sneak attack, it means essentially the same thing...that you need to be in crouch and hidden from all enemies for the bonus to apply.

    For example, Archers Mind set: attacks from stealth increase crit damage by 10%. To get this, you need to be in sneak mode with the crosshairs eye closed (a sound also triggers as you go in and our of sneak). No enemies can see you. If you're playing pvp and bow ganking someone across a river from sneak, maybe you're standing next to a mud crab that's seeing you. The human player can't see you just because the crab does, but the crab is pulling you from stealth and will prevent the buff from proccing

    In pve, attacks with stealth bonuses usually need to occur behind the target unless it's a range attack. For example, the stam blades surprise attack...huge bonus for an attack from stealth, but to stay stealth you need to sneak up behind the monster (usually).

    Some sets and skills reference bonuses for attacks from crouch, and not stealth/sneak (vicecannon of venom set). These are rare, but my assumption is that the buff still applies even if you're seen. So I'm attacking someone across the river in crouch but the mud crab sees me...I think the bonus applies. Or maybe I launch four arrows at the other player. After the first, they can see me, my stealth is broken. But I'm still in crouch, so hits 2-4 can still prop the crouch bonus.
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