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Looking for a guild

Soul Shriven
My GT is Krimino and I am an adult looking for a guild that I can grow. I am interested in all the game content whether it be PVE or PVP. I just started playing a few days ago but I am not new to the Elder Scrolls or MMORPG so I catch on quickly. If you would like to have me, please feel free to invite me or message me. Thanks!
  • zRAMRODz
    Soul Shriven
    What characters do you like to run with?
  • KATObloodpaw
    I'll add you to my guild krimino
    GT:Shock Value1134
  • Krimino
    Soul Shriven
    Thank you both for the responses. I am currently running a Redguard Dragon Knight but in my previous Elder Scrolls endeavors, I would run some kind of warrior or dual wielding character as in my previous statement I have only been playing a few days so I really want to get a feel for what types of build/characters make sense along with skill trees etc and just go from there. I find it is better if I read something then actually get input from people who are doing it so I can make the best informed decision on my character. I also enjoy the social aspect of the game which is why I am looking for a guild. Hope this helps answer any questions.
  • ericprydz82ub17_ESO
    I am a former PC ESO player that just made the jump to Xbox just over a month ago so I am still looking for consistent people to play with on this platform. After joining many guilds that had tons of people on but never did anything or were really that helpful I decided to make my own and have since found a few others to join me which have switched platforms or just getting back to the game from a long break.

    Feel free to add me and join my small guild if you like. I am a previous top .01%er from the first year of this games launch and can share with you tons of basic and advanced knowledge. We currently run nightly dungeons in the guild to help gear out people also.

    GT: PrydaTV live
    -Pryda - Ebonheart Pact XB1 NA
    World first HelRa Hardmode player.
    GT: Bootleg Mix
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