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Loading character issues , DEV please advise on this topic.

Soul Shriven
Hi, I'm a returning player from a while ago. Having some really big issues with loading in my characters, it will almost always bring up cannot connect to server, check for Valid Internet.
When it does (on the off chance) let me in to play I cannot, do any underground quests, travel to a different section using a wayshrine, or travel anywhere other that the area I'm in, "for example I'm in Stonehills, and I cannot leave for any other location in the game" or it will crash and the struggle just begins again.
I am on a 5G phone hear me out this tether is actually better than my cable Internet previously, with only the occasional lag, it plays perfectly and I don't play any non dedicated server games.
I've tried to submit a support ticket, but only with an automatic response back...which is no help to me at all as it just stats what I've already tried such as hard resets, and clearing Mac.

So far this is all been a struggle for me to even play for an hour after trying half that long to get online to play, and then not have access to 90% of the map.

Really hoping a Development team sees this and helps me fix this issue.
    Go cabled net connection, not phone rubbish.

    You are dropping packets and connection too much

    Common sense, no offence.

    Nobody uses wireless or phone for online gaming on a PC/console for so many reasons.
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  • cobra6z
    Soul Shriven
    Yes I understand that it's common sense to get cable Internet instead of my phone, I do plan to when I can save up enough money for there outrageous installation fees.
    What can I say bills suck
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