New Player seeking RP comapanionship and other likeminded RPers!

Hello! To start off I am new to ESO. Played it a tiny bit a year ago but this update brought me back. Bought all the DLC, upgrades and lots of other fluff so I am totally set!

I play Alessondria Lovlin, a breton (hook: more mer then man) in the Aldmeri Dominion. Currently I am lv 9 in Knebarthil's Roost wandering around to collect fish and soak in the island (completed all quests). She also is a sorceress (read: conjurer) archer in medium armor... oh and also a werewolf! I am not in any guilds. Actually, I will be more on the hesitant side of joining guilds as I am seeking like minded folks.

Game interests: questing. SLOWLY questing. Exploring. Collecting materials. Walking around towns, on roads and generally basking in the magnificent world of Tamriel. Fish too. Lots of that. Plan on playing archery support assistant damage and restoration staff on my alt weapon when I get it unlocked. But I am not really into 'the best' type of min max builds. I like to play what feels right, immersive and a bit RP oriented. Which is why I am here posting.

I am seeking a companion that is also into role-play to slowly explore Tamriel with. Possibly find an in-game romance (those are always fun) and join in to RP with others. Tavern style RP is typically what I find I enjoy most. Its casual in approach though there can be some serious depth involved if players are into fleshing out their characters. I would ICly prefer a female altmer for companionship followed by a bosmer female or another Aldmeri fem breton. LGBT rl so such interests carry over as a preference in my RP stuff. Outside of a companionship I would welcome RP friendships within the Aldmeri of any race or gender. I would totally be up for finding a professional mentor to train her IC as well as impart some of the more advanced Elder Scrolls lore plus learning the ins and outs of the RP community.

I usually detest PvP in any form but for some reason the idea of it in ESO somewhat appeals to me! I wish to fight for my Queen. I wish to uphold the First Dominion's philosophy. IC I shall also be a follower of Dibella. Groups that run through stuff do not interest me. Or other people. Its all about the moment of experience for me and the slow delicious journey.

If you are like minded please feel free to send me some in game mail. Note: I will only ever play 1 character and will not treat the MMO like an MMO, if that makes sense. Serious and mature persons can forward their letters to:

Alessondria Lovlin@Drowchyld
or friend me on Steam directly though I do not like to talk about motives and RP much outside of actually RPing:

P.S. I have never RPed in an traditional MMO before but have substantial RP experience over half a dozen years RPing online in various Neverwinter Nights 2 adult oriented and non adult servers. I prob have horrible spelling and sometimes can take a bit to post a reply (esp on a new RP character).

P.P.S. I guess I would love to find a smaller active Aldmeri guild to become a part of that deal with other RP guilds AND play the game. Also would love to find a personal companion as mentioned.
  • jarnkoldur
    Aside from the forums here you should consider checking out TESO RP to find exactly what you desire for RP.
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  • AvengedShadow
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    I'm looking for a rp partner I'm a orc who uses heavy armour and a two handed blade (your usual orc) I have been using a bit of pyro abilities and I have been playing the game with a friend of mine but I would love to find a rp partner who can be on a bit more than my friend
  • robinbird
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    Hello. What's your server?
  • Alessondria
    Sorry for not seeing the replies sooner. I did a full reformat of my WIndows OS so kinda had to reinstall everything. Back running now though!

    I play on North America server, sorry I didn't put that.

    Well an orc... since I am lore centered (from the bit I know) a breton/ orc friendship would be kinda like Harry Potter hanging out with Voldemort! Still looking for people. Female characters in the AD faction as I mentioned before.

    If interested friend me on steam and please send me an IM as to why you're friending me :) Also you could send me in game mail. Details are listed up top there.

    I know about ESO RP site now, so thanks. Joined their discord chat but I admit I am not one to jump head first in something like this. I mush rather finding a few people I connect with and then enjoying the more personalized RP. But I shall look into it and eventually make a posting there too!

    Fun fact! Firefox's spellchecker knows the right way to spell Voldemort!
  • robinbird
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    Ah, I'm on EU... Well, good luck to you in your search!
  • Vorkrunne
    I don't have Steam, but I just created a female altmer templar. However, she is Ebonheart Pact. I love Argonians (from what little I know), and I love snow.

    I also made a high elf sorceress for AD, but she won't be my main as far as progression/PvP/gearing.

    Total newb here for the lore, but I've RPed in various other MMOs for years.

    Character name is Ryajathal
    Family/account name: Vorkrunne

    Feel free to drop me an in game message!

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  • Kungfumasta
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    I like to RP quests and basic exploration. Would love some more RP partners. @kungfumasta is my tag. I am PC-NA
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