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Can't preview hairstyles or adornments in the Crown Store

Soul Shriven
Not sure if anyone else has this problem. Whenever I try to preview any hairstyles or adornments in the crown store my costume helm shows up instead of the preview and can't see anything. I have tried with and without the hide helm option, still the same.

This is how my char looks normally before previewing anything:

This is what happens after trying the preview a hairstyle:

  • feyii
    I can confirm this. It happens when you wear a costume with head gear, but also when wearing disguises with head gear. The status of the hide helmet option has no effect in the preview for hairstyles and adornments. Interestingly it behaves correctly for other previews.
  • Fabulosity
    For now you have to take off your helmet and any costumes and it should work.
  • Zaldan
    Fabulosity wrote: »
    For now you have to take off your helmet and any costumes and it should work.

    kinda defeats the point if you wanna see what an item looks like on the character with a costume or disguise in place :(
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  • baratron
    This bug is truly annoying. If I have "Hide Helmet" enabled, there's a reason for it!
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