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Can't get game downloaded from Steam to run; launcher stuck on "Loading..."

Soul Shriven
Hello all! New ESO player here (well, hopeful player as I can't get the game to work at all). Some wonderful human/mer/beast/whathaveyou invited me to the forum so I'm asking for help here as it's been almost two weeks since I opened a support ticket and I haven't heard a word.

I purchased the game and downloaded to an external HDD through Steam, which is how I ideally want to play the game. But the launcher doesn’t work. It gets stuck on “Loading...” every SINGLE time. I have to force quit the app. So I downloaded the launcher from my account page, and that launcher works, but it can’t find the game. It tries to install it, which I’d REALLY like to avoid doing because I downloaded it from Steam and it took almost 6 hours! Plus, I want to play it through steam for minute tracking. Then I found a .dmg in my downloads and used that to install the launcher, and that launcher works but I had to change my System Preferences to allow it to install. But then it said, upon opening, that I had used both the NA and EU versions of the game, and to choose which I want to use. I selected NA and now I’ve got a spinner by my Game Options and it doesn’t show the game listed under Games. I can’t open Game Options because of this spinner.

I'm at a loss. Has anyone experienced this problem before? Here are my computer specs:

I do have Windows 10 bootcamped on my MacBook Pro but I don't have the storage space for the game; my external drive is formatted for Mac only. Does the game run better in Windows? Should I just reformat my drive and try there? Or is it just as futile?

Thanks for any help you can give <3
  • smacx250
    I can't see your specs from the link you posted - can you give OS and machine type? I also can't help with steam, but ESO does have a "/played" for each character so even if you don't play through steam you can see how much time you have on the game.

    You might want to give a look at this thread - deals with issues with initial install (direct download of launcher), and with putting the data on an external drive:

    Good luck!

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