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Can not load character. My last log in is Coldharbour. Wont load in after update. ESO y yu do dis to meee!? Come on. I've closed the app, turned off my ps4, ran a speed test (154mbps btw), reset my router/modem, and then turned my ps4 back on, still doesn't work. ESO, please help.
  • katestone
    Soul Shriven
    I haven't been able to load any of my characters since one tamriel dropped either! Ppl have been saying its because of the area i logged off in and that there is a high volume of players there. yes all of my toons are in popular places, but i have tried logging in through out the day and nothing. Also tried late at night and early this morning.. takes me straight back to start screen.
  • Synuia
    Soul Shriven
    Im unable tologgin in either since the new undate. My character in out in the desert of sential by the outlaws door. Not a populated area at all.
  • Ww91jBGaHwa7
    Soul Shriven
    I'm in the same boat.

    Can't even load my character. It doesn't seem to be my internet (as I can play other multiplayer games), I've also tried deleting my save file. Nada, still can't load my character.

    I'm seriously regretting my purchase.
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