The maintenance is complete, the PTS is now back online, and patch 6.1.0 including the Stonethorn DLC is available. You can find the latest patch notes here:

ZOS PTS Request for future updates

I was wondering if anyone has given thought to adding all armor and weapon sets into the PTS in the Sealed Urn boxes. I know you usually have sets you just added to test but if I wanted to try a build out and wanted another armor set that's not available upon template creation then I would have to grind for the sets the same I do on live. The PTS is meant For testing and I hope you consider adding a way to get all the armor/weapon sets easily somehow. Maybe have vendors by the spawn docks that sell each piece for 1 gold. One vendor sells light armor and its corresponding jewelry and weapons, one medium/jewelry/weapons, another heavy/jewelry/weapons then maybe another vendor for undaunted sets and another for anything I am missing. I know this would probably take awhile to put in but it would be an awesome addition and I'm sure the community would appreciate it!
Edited by Valykc on October 2, 2016 11:13AM
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