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Magicka DK tank ?

Soul Shriven
I was wondering has there ever been a vet trial magicka Dk tank? Also would love to hear some tank builds (no videos plz) and reason I ask is because I've tanked with my magicka based Dk on VDSA since this new patch and it's worked just haven't taken it to vet trials I'm a imperial Dk atm
Lord Nephyrix
  • AverageJo3Gam3r
    Yep, it works. More magicka means you can spam igneous shield more to make up for lack of stamina. I recommend loading up on sturdy pieces, too
  • Duragon_Darko
    I love my magicka tank.

    A lot of our magicka morphed abilities have a self heal to them. (Mind you, you're still going to need a healer, but I can survive solo long enough to have the other members do other mechanics or the healer can help the dps while I hold onto the boss unattended.)

    Ignecious shield works wonders with flame lash, Embers, breath and blood.

    .... I have to admit, the devs do listen to reason, if not to the forums. Thank you for "nameplates", a welcome addition to immersion, as well as the text chat box for PS4, which only comes on the screen when I need it too, and helps this gameplay SO MUCH MORE then without it. THANK YOU for the additions. Very much appreciated.
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