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[DC] Elder Overlords - Seeking Mature Active Players

  • Laertus
    Looking for a casual pve guild. Would appreciate an invitation to see if yours is a good fit.
    PSN : Laertus
  • br0steen
    New to the game, level 32 looking for a guild with people willing to grind with me and show me dungeon mechanics, would like an invite.
    PSN: The_Lone_Narwhal
  • JackBauer
    Soul Shriven
    PSN: LethalFuzion
  • ThaLastProdigy
    PSN: thalastprodigy
  • The_1st_Dovahkiin
    I would love an invite, thank you!

    PSN: Joshyyy-Poo
  • darkies
    Soul Shriven
    Looking for a invite also please
    psn- darkes_55
  • RenhardtESO
    Would love to try out your guild! Been playing since PC launch. lvl 50 Templar Healer. Maxed out all crafting with some traits missing here and there for certain things. But cooking, enchanting and alchemy is all maxed. Love doing group content. Haven't PVP'd much, but would like to get into it. Enjoy healing dungeons the most! Hope to hear from you! I am usually on between 8-9pm EST until my eyes don't work anymore ;)

    PSN: Renhardt-PS
  • jru3566
    Soul Shriven
    Psn jru3566 nb chip lvl 187 looking to do a lil bit of everything
  • Illbleed
    Soul Shriven
    My PSN: ILLBLEED add me please!
  • pandenx
    PSN: PandenX

  • zeroBelief
    Soul Shriven
    I played the PC version for almost a year, but just now got the PS4 version.

    I would love to join a guild of mature, fun players. Myself? I'm 47... and I greatly dislike drama :)

    My PSN ID is PainOfBacchus

    May I join your guild?
  • Professor_Kattz
    Soul Shriven
    Psn Professor_Kattz
  • Calgary_Hockey
    PSN ID: CalgaryHockey
  • troyoceansb14_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    PSN TroyOceans
  • Taprackbang
    Soul Shriven
    I'm interested
    Psn taprackbang_911
  • Abracadabarbar
    Soul Shriven
    Hey i'd like to join you guys! PSNID - Abracadabrabar
    * my temper is short and my blade is sharp *
    - unknown guardsmen
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