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Be aware of misinformation

I have been watching youtube videos all day today. Specifically, ones about One Tamriel review to get ideas generated to talk about on Monday. I have noticed that a lot of the information being delivered by these guys aren't factual or misunderstood by the one delivering the information. Most of them have not set foot in PTS or on PTS stream.

I will be streaming ESO Monday to set the story straight. If you have doubts, concerns, or questions I encourage you to stop by and share your thoughts.

Moving forward, I would like to clarify that One Tamriel is changing a lot about Elder Scrolls Online. Each and every single one of the changes that are being made is to, open the game up to allow for much more freedom for the players to play how they want, to stop your "character level" from restricting you from content, and to allow everyone to play together much easier and freely than before.

Stop by Monday and let me hear your thoughts as we look at the patch notes in depth and what it actually means objectively together.


Sure, there is lots of room for improvement in ESO. There is lots of room for improvement in everything in our lives. Room for lots of improvement is not a negative thing. We all have our opinions on what ZOS should focus on first and not everyone is going to be happy at every given point in time. We should stay enthusiastic about things we love in our lives. It is ok to get heated and angry about things in our lives because that means we love these things. ESO is no different. I want to hear from those of you who are angry or upset. These are good things. It means you love ESO and want to see it become even better. Keep the critiques coming, always state your opinions no matter what people might think, and keep the suggestions rolling out of your mouth like an assembly line factory working at full capacity.

And remember that every single measurement out there shows ESO is growing and growing. Dont believe the stories about it dying or losing player base. I have been playing since launch and I have never seen this many people in towns and content.
  • Berenhir
    What... Why... Who are... Well, never mind. I honestly don't give a single duck!
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  • CasNation
    ...what kinds of misinformation? I mean I have been watching qUite a few youtube videos on one tamriel, and they have all been pretty accurate. Granted, I know who is reputable at this point.
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  • Rohamad_Ali
  • jedtb16_ESO
    Berenhir wrote: »
    What... Why... Who are... Well, never mind. I honestly don't give a single duck!

    i gave the post quoted above an agree...... i leave you to guess why.


    that bastion of factual reportage. (hint: this is called sarcasm)
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    paraphrasing soren kierkegaard.... when we look at the forum all we can do is laugh.
  • MarkusLiberty
    We get it, you're streaming on Monday. Surely one click bait thread is enough?

    *Special Snowflake*

  • MidknightWolf
    Sorry guys per forum rules we are not allowed to name drop other players.

    But one example: One youtuber said the patch notes read that players wont be able to join a vet dungeon without being a vet level and that they thought that was always the rule but guessed not. He read the patch notes wrong and indeed it is the way it is now.
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