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[PC/EU] Looking for trial guild

Soul Shriven

I am looking for guild that is trial-oriented. I know all trials on normal level, need to learn veteran/hard modes. My main characters are Tank and DD, I am CP494 atm.

I want to find guild were:
  • as mentioned before - I can learn vet mode and be part of organized runs
  • there is a mature and respectful squad
  • many people online and at least few runs per day for farm :)

Please whisper to me in game - @d3ha
PC/EU, I'm EP if that matters
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  • DHale
    Tell people what platform and server you are on?
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  • d3ha
    Soul Shriven
    Edited main post/topic - PC/EU/EP
  • MipMip
    Check out We do trials at three levels of difficulty so you can be as relaxed or ambitious about it as you wish. And a friendly, respectful and mature culture is very important to us! Also, we are large guild with about 450 members so there are always many people online...
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  • sickboy2808
    Im interested MipMip. Game name Zanran EU/PC DG. Would love to join relaxed raid guild willing to show others how its done
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  • d3ha
    Soul Shriven
    Still have one spot free for trials guild! :)
  • Avnr
    interested :)

    Avvva EU/PC

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