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Ebonheart guild. Lots of rewards / benefits. Most rewarding guild in Tamriel.

The Renob Kings (Ebonheart Pact) are experienced, organized, structured, consistent, committed, rewarding and extremely active. If these are attributes you're looking for in a guild, feel free to contact us. Message The Crier or FallingItOut.

We are a PVE based guild, for now, until we reach a decent amount of veteran level members and we already have several. We currently focus on public dungeons, trading, helping others level, end game etc... We are a mixture of werewolfs and vampires and will gladly bite any member who proves to be beneficial to the guild and is a consistent player. We have a very structured rank system and you can easily climb depending on your playability. The guild bank is used for helping everyone in the guild so donations are required. You can also rank up based on your donations. We are also not opposed to loaning money from the guild bank to help any member in need of something they do not have the funds for with the approval of the President and Vice President and will expect nothing more than for it to be paid back. We have a recruitment bonus for everyone you bring on board. You will gain a $1000 bonus for everyone person you recruit after their first donation and an additional $1000 for every 5. For ever 10 players you recruit we will make you any class armor for free with choice of weapon. Random gifts will be given upon donation amounts and consistency. You will also gain the ability to sell in the guild store after you have brought in 5 new members. Much more rewards / benefits to be had along the way.

Feel free to contact The Crier or FallingItOut with any further questions and we look forward to hearing from everyone.

For more info on Renob Kings you can catch us at
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